Habits That Will Make You WEALTHY!

The dream for most of us is to live a life by design. A life where you can wake up when you want, where you want, with a constant cash flow coming from your thriving business! However, to achieve this, there are some pretty essential habits that you’ll need to start implementing into your everyday life.

Having money and wanting to be wealthy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Money gives us the freedom to buy and do what we want in life, not to say it’s all that matters because there’s certainly more to life than just money. Yet, money allows us to build things to help not only ourselves but a lot of others in the process. 

If there’s one thing I want you to get from this video it’s that making money is NOT evil. I want you to remember this whilst I  share with you the habits that will allow you to become more wealthy and more abundant in life and business. 

Look for Opportunities

The first thing you need to do it be on the lookout for opportunities. Not necessarily money making opportunities, but opportunities that are going to increase your skillset. 

Whether it’s networking, growth, learning, travel or speaking opportunities; look optimistically at everything that’s happening to you. See things that happen to you in life as an opportunity for you to become a stronger and more optimistic person. 

Become a Good Sales Person

When you become a good salesperson, not only are you going to be able to pursue more opportunities, but you’re also going to be able to make more money. If you’re a good salesperson, you’re not necessarily selling a product or service. You’re selling yourself, ideas and your content. 

Build your confidence to become a good sales person and look at the positives of being able to sell positively. When it comes to marketing to people, think about the way you’re positively impacting peoples lives.

Track your Income

Since I started fully tracking my income every single week/day to track income vs expenses, network etc my income has increased because as the saying goes “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows”.

Spend Time With Wealthy People

By spending time with wealthy people, you’re able to normalise wealth. When you feel as if not having money is just who you are, you will start to perpetuate negative money stories and situations. 

If wealth and living a wealthy lifestyle isn’t your norm then try and put yourself in situations that will normalise wealth a bit more. We will always act in accordance with whom we spend the most time with. 

If we spend the most time with people who aren’t wealthy or abundant you’ll have feelings to self-sabotage, to stay on that level of wealth so that you don’t feel ostracised or out of place in any way. 

Not to say you can’t be friends with people unless they’re wealthy, but it is important to spend time with people who challenge you to build a better life and normalise speaking about money to increase your own abundance. 

Stop Making Excuses

Your financial destiny is your responsibility, you won’t be handed a platter of wealth, you’ve got to create it. You have to ask for that promotion, create that business, find wealthy people to be around because at the end of the day it won’t just happen, you have to take action!

Stop making excuses that hold you back from wealth.


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