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In today’s video, I’m sharing some of the planning hacks that I use to stay more organised in my business. To be honest I haven’t always been the most organised person but when I started to use these planning hacks I was able to up-level my organisation but also my mindset and mood.

I became so much more productive in my business which meant I could do more, help more people and make more money!

Have 3 Monthly Focuses

This is actually a tip from my coach James Wedmore, who says that you only want to have three main things that you focusing on each month to help move your business forward.

Of course, there will be the smaller tasks that you have to do on the daily like responding to emails or posting on Instagram but you should focus on only three main projects.

For example this month I’m focusing on the relaunch of my Youtube channel, with the new setup and filming space. The relaunch the Game Changers podcast and launch my group coaching video program that teaches people how to use video within their business. Choose your three main projects and stick to them every single month.

The Triple Threat Planning Strategy

Every Sunday, I plan out my week in the online platform, Asana. I break down every single day and the tasks that I need to complete to be able to not only know my goals each day but for the week as a whole.

I then plan out time in my Google calendar to complete those tasks and the on the actual day I write out a to-do list. This may seem like a lot but this three-step process ensures you’re never left wondering what you should be focusing on.

Colour Code Different Parts of Your Business

By colour coding the different parts of my business in my Google Calendar, I give myself a really good overview of how my day is going to run. It puts me into the right mindset of who I need to be for that day.

I know that if I’m seeing a whole bunch of green on a Tuesday I’m going to be taking a whole lot of calls and I need to be in the mindset of serving my clients. It helps me know which hat I have to wear on any particular day of the week.

Use Siri to Set Reminders

Do you ever find yourself multitasking because you’re working on a project but then you remember something else you need to do, so you start on that, then you remember something else and so on? Before you know it you’re working on 10 different projects at once but you’re not actually achieving anything.

When you’re working away and you remember something else that you need to do later, simply ask Siri to remind you later, for example, “Hey Siri, remind me a 5pm to XYZ”

This allows you to stay focused without the need to touch your phone because we all know that picking up your phone results in getting distracted. This hack allows you to stay on task but ensures you don’t forget other things you need to do.

Have a Midday New Day

This technique is more so for people who work from home but it’s to pack everything up around midday and do something away from your workspace, like going to the gym or meditating.

A lot of us work through to 3pm but by this time, we’re tired, hungry and irritable so if you can consciously get ahead of that slump and reset yourself, you’ll find that you have more time and energy to get through each day.

I hope I was able to bring you something new and original in this planning video so that you can be more productive each and every day. If you want to live your best entrepreneurial life then I have a free audio recording that you can download below!


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