5 Unique Ways to Show off Your Personal Brand on Instagram

If you’re reading The Game Changer Collective blog, then I doubt personal branding needs any introduction to you. Nor should it be any surprise that it is your secret sauce to standing out online.

However, knowing your personal brand is important, and knowing how to show it off online are two different stories. At my business, Hyped, we’re masters at sharing our clients’ brands on social media – and we want you to become masters at it too!

If you want to find out unique ways the pros keep their personal brand at the top of their audiences’ minds, then just keep reading.

1. Find something creative to feature in every post that your competition wouldn’t dare to do

Audiences are getting tired of flatlays, simple product shots, and brands trying to show that they’re the best option while offering the same cookie cutter content. Do something brave to stand out amongst the crop.

Personally, I favour a collage, or a drawn aspect to the images and videos, to make it look like real effort and creativity has gone into the content – because it has!

For example, Hyped’s entire Instagram feed is one giant collage. This means that not only is our creativity and flair for content the first thing you see but also our individual images really stand out on our followers’ feeds and feature our branding very clearly.

Another example of this is The Collage Store, who do very artsy collages for their images that have The Collage Store branding all over them – without needing to stick a logo on everything.

Of course, collages aren’t the only way to stand out, but a little panache and game changer mentality really helps your personal brand make an impact.

2. Pick your cool and warm tones

By now, you probably know that featuring your brand colours is a great way to show off your personal brand, but some photos just can’t feature copious amounts of your brand colours. What they can do is have consistent tones.

Cool and warm tones are, essentially, blue and yellow tones. Think of what colour comes to mind on a cold day, or in a sterile hospital room, and you’ll probably think of cool blue tones. But then, turn your mind to a hot, sticky summer day, or perhaps a warm sauna, and warm yellows will probably come to mind.

Now I want you to turn your mind to your brand colours. Are they cool or warm toned? Whichever one it is, that’s the tone your images should be – this keeps things consistent, and will make sure your personal brand is present, even in images that don’t necessarily have your brand colours in them.

3. Start or end each caption with the same emoji

Emoji’s aren’t right for every brand – if you’re a lawyer, you may want to be a bit light-handed with them. But if your brand is pro-emoji, then I challenge you to find 1 or 2 emoji’s that will represent your brand.

And then sprinkle them everywhere! The two obvious places are at the start and end of every caption on Instagram but don’t be afraid to put them all over your stories, in your bio, and even in the images, you share.

Be liberal with them, and every time someone sees that emoji, who do you think will come to mind?

4. Give good face

I’m not talking a full glamour makeup job and some blue steel posing. I mean sharing your face as often and as confidently as possible.

One thing that all personal brands have in common? They show their faces A LOT.

I mean, you could probably tell me exactly what Erin Henry’s face looks like right now without a reference photo. And if you did see that face, I’m sure game changing entrepreneurship and coaching will come to mind, or maybe the colour gold.

Your personal brand is closely linked to your face, and it’s the most unique part of your brand as well. There are a billion (not quite) businesses out there that might have the same brand colours and fonts as you, but none of them will have your face.

Unless you have a twin, in which case I hope they haven’t set up a rival business to yours.

So, go out there, and share your face as much as possible on your Instagram!

5. Become known for something.

Just like Gary Vaynerchuck is known for his quick videos with words along the border, so too can you be known for something.

Are you the account that only posts videos?

Or perhaps you have the same prop in every image?

Whatever it is, make it yours.

What all these tips are trying to do, is help you find that special something in your brand that can make it completely different from your competitors. It doesn’t have to be wild and crazy, but it does need to be you.

So play around a bit, and find what works for your brand and your soul, and make it completely, and utterly yours.

Happy ‘gramming everyone!

By Morgan McGregor owner of Hyped


The Author

Morgan McGregor is a New Zealand social media and content creator for brands, businesses, and influencers.

She’s dedicated to making sure social media is a positive space for all, and one where brands provide high quality content that provides value to their audiences. She also has courses to help the DIY-ers become social media experts within their own businesses too.

Be sure to check out Morgan below!

Website: https://hyped.nz/

Instagram: @hypednz

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