How to Get Your Audience to Take You Seriously

Do you want to get your audience to take you seriously? And I don’t mean dressing up in your pinstripe lady boss suit, I mean how to be seen as a leader in your niche which will correlate into positive sales and growth in your business.

It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using to advertise your personal brand; it’s a matter of how you promote and grow your personal brand – here’s where to start.


You need to be proficient in your niche and know what your shit, there’s no, if’s, and’s or but’s, your performance is a no brainer.

You should be continually learning and pushing yourself to perfect your skillset and talents to become an industry expert leader.


We often start out with the best of intentions when designing a content plan for the next month. However, we’ve all fallen victim to using the excuses and not adhering to our set objectives of the month whether you plan to go live on social or to read that book finally, or complete that online training.

Well, that needs to stop right now. By not taking action, you’re declaring yourself closed for business – every major department store is open 364 days a year and you need to be too!

Have some integrity and follow through and honour what you’ve told your customers and community you’re planning to do.

Follow-through for yourself.

Every time that you don’t follow through your developing a bad habit and enabling yourself to accept failure and procrastination on a more regular basis.

There’s no way around consistency. There’s no magic pill. There’s no easy answer.


Plagiarism gives you no credibility.

You need to have a perspective and not just regurgitate information. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but you need to be able to put your own opinion and spin on the information.

Use your own experiences, analogies, information, opinions and your perspective will make it your own.

It can be tempting to spit out information from the market leaders, but thats not why people are following you.

Speak your mind

Following on closely from the last point is you can’t be afraid to oppose fellow niche leaders. You need to have integrity and if you disagree with something, then let your audiences know.

This will show your credibility and authenticity. You need to be ok with not agreeing with everyone and having your own opinion.

If there is a fellow practitioner that is preaching a message that may have a flaw or gap and you know of a piece of information that could debunk or provide an alternative view or solution, or even explain the theory in layman terms.

Be brave and speak up.


If you don’t show up with conviction, don’t expect your audience to show up. You need to belive in yourself. You need to belive in your message, and you need to believe that you can get results for people.

Eventually, when you are living and breathing it long enough, you’ll reach the “I’ve got shit to say, and people should listen” energy.

If you’re showing up with zero confidence and not displaying thought-leading content, don’t expect your community to grow.

Confidence attracts traffic. Conviction + Energy = Magic

Stay informed

“A rolling stone gathers no moss.”

You need to be on the front foot, looking for new industry information to devour. You need to be hunting for new books, new podcasts, new social media tricks new videos attending conferences and training sessions. If you’re not speaking about it, you’re getting left behind.

You will not be seen as a leader if you are getting left behind.

Keeping up with industry experts and social trends, to keep up with your industry.

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