How To Set Goals For 2020 That You Will Actually Achieve

Now is the perfect time of year to start thinking about what you want to achieve in 2020.

If you are like me and you continue to write down goals but because there are so many, you never really achieve them… this is the strategy for you.

When it comes to goal setting, we know at this time of year its a great time to be super optimistic about what you can achieve over the next 12 months but then around March, April & May you find yourself having not started those goals.

Yep, you hear me … ?

GOAL SETTING FOR 2020 & Beyond!

introducing the 4 quadrant method

When it comes to goal setting and you have way to many goals, your mind will start to feel extremely overwhelmed and what happens next? You don’t take any action at all.

Yet .. when you have focus and intention around goal setting it is so much easier for you to achieve your goals!

Something I have been experimenting with lately is the 4 Quadrant Method.

Are you ready? … let me break it down for you.

the purpose

To limit the actual amount of goals your setting and rather use a-lot of the goals you would have set before as ‘tactics’ or ‘strategies’.

Step One )

In the 4 Quadrant Method what you are actually going to do is set 1 massive goal in 4 areas that you really want to improve in the next 12 months.

Step Two )

The smaller ‘goals’ that you would have been using in the past, you are going to start using as ‘tactics’ to start achieving your overall ULTIMATE goal.

Trust me, you will want to make a start!

why implement the method?

The reason why I have seen this work, is that we can have emotional attachments to our goals & often when we don’t achieve or stick to our goals we can sometimes believe we aren’t worthy or we aren’t capable of taking action.

This can be extremely detrimental to our ability to continually take action.

What are you going to do next?

Set one big goal & then have the ‘other’ mini goals as tactics or strategies to help you achieve your overall goal.

What do I mean by this? Let me break it down for you …

My 4 Quadrant Method Example:

  • Health – Compete in a Muay Thai Fight

  • Business – Consistent $70k months

  • Lifestyle – Travel once a quarter

  • Personal . – 3 days off each week

So why this actually works is..

The whole list of other goals that I would have created:

I want to meditate more

I want to loose weight

I want to practice the guitar

I want to save money

I want to grow my youtube channel

The goals listed above can fit in to each of the 4 quadrants as tactics to help me achieve one of my overall big goals in the area.

what comes next?

Once you have set out the four big goals into each of the 4 the quadrants .. keep in mind the 4 quadrants will look different for everyone. For example relationships, personal finances, family etc.

Then you can go ahead and figure out that one big goal that you want to achieve in that area, once you have written those down you can start thinking about some tactics and strategies to assist you in achieving your ultimate goal.

My other list of ‘goals’ can now be used as a tactic to help me reach my goal.

For example: I want to loose weight & I want to meditate more will now be used as a ‘tactic’ to help me get to my ultimate goal of being in a Muay Thai fight in 2020.

My intention here is to help you ditch the mile long list that is causing you overwhelm, inaction and stress and start using those goal lists as tactics to help you reach you BIG goal.

Once you start implementing the 4 Quadrant Method, you will become one step closer to your ultimate goal!

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