Goal Planning for Your Dream Life in 2020

The year is coming to an end, and it’s time to make 2020 the best year of your life to date! To do this you need to be planning for 2020 and the goals you want to achieve but before we do this, we need to take a step back and revisit the reason why you took the first step. You need to focus on building a business that is connected to a life you want to live!

I’ve been able to restructure my goals and mindset for 2020 by reconnecting with myself, where I want to be in 2020. 

By sharing his with the world, I am holding my self accountable. 

You need to share your goals with your your group coach, mastermind, your mentors and peers so that these people will hold you accountable.

I call this “communicative accountability” which is probably not a word, but you know me!

If you’re feeling as excited for 2020 as I am, let’s get planning! Get a blank book or sheet of paper and let’s get started on planning your dream life. 

Planning your dream life for 2020!

Write down your goals as if they’ve already happened

What do you want to have achieved by this day in 2020? 365 days from now.

I want you to write down what your absolute dream life would look like. Visualise what you’re going to achieve and by doing this you are making it known to the world!

I want you to write down this thing as if you have already conquered these tasks. What steps will you have taken? What will you have accomplished?

Start with OMG! 2020 has been the most epic year because…

Visualise your dream day

Step two is starting to visualise what your typical day will look like on your ability to generate income from your side hustle. Think forward to when working in your ideal world, and you have achieved some of your goals comfortably. You have given up your 9 to 5 or even cut back to a part-time role.

Now, this might be still a few steps away yet, and you’ve got many weeks or months of doing the 9 to 5, then grinding at home burning the midnight oil. But soon enough you will start to get some traction and start to bring in some side moola. 

Cast your mind forward three, six or nine months from now, what would that day look like? Just a regular ordinary day nothing flash or fancy.

Here is a little insight into my life currently.

  • 5.30 am: Wake up

  • 6.00 am: Gym/MMA session

  • 7.30 am: Breakfast

  • 8.00 am: Medication/clean up the house

  • 9.00 am: Take my dog for a walk while on the socials

  • 10.00 am: Shower

  • 11.00 am: Start work

  • 12.30: pm: Consult meeting with a client

  • 2.00 pm: Work time

  • 5.30 pm: Beach walk

  • 7.00 pm: Out for dinner

Profit planning for your goals

Now I want you to think about what are the three big changes or goals you are going to pursue in 2020? What are the three biggest things you are going to aim for? Put these on your priority list and then anything else that happens is a bonus.

Before you start listing your top three, make sure you’re not “keeping up with the Joneses”. Make sure you have an understanding of the internal reason why you want to achieve that goal. Don’t try to obtain a goal because society has told you to. If your dream is to sit on the beach and make necklaces and only work for one hour a day, then write that down! If thats your dream, don’t let anyone stand in your way.

To have a successful future, you need to plan for your profits to get there. You need to be able to do the math and project what your dreams will cost you and how you can generate income to meet that goal.

Stay with me, numbers coming at you.

Example of three goals for 2020

  • House: Deposit/fee’s/repayments – $48 000

  • Travel: One big holiday in 2020 – costs $10,000

  • Fitness: Training sessions/food/time commitment – $2000

  • Grand total – $58,000 

And then add in your costs for the year, rent, grocery, bills how much money will it cost for you to live for a year currently. Start per week and then per month. Add in your yearly cost like car rego, insurances etc

Trust me, it’s not as hard as it seems!

So add up your yearly costs the costs to tick off your three goals.

  • $60,000 for 12 months breaks down to $5,000 per month.

  • $58,000 top three goals

  • $120,000 to live the life you love and achieve your goals


  • $50,000 business expenses to run your business

  • TOTAL: $170,000 per year to run your business, live your life and chase your dreams

So what do you need to make a month to achieve all this!?

Drum roll……

$14,200 per month in income to achieve your goals and live your absolute dream life.

Let’s start making it a reality!

Say you need $100,000 a year to achieve your costs. 

Now, because we are business savvy AF, let’s talk in quarters. 

Most businesses would work something like 

  • Jan – March $15,000 

  • April – June $30,000

  • July – Sept $40,000

  • Oct – Dec $15,000

But let’s just work in four equal parts of $25,000 for a quarter. Now we are going to profit plan how you are going to make that $25,000, per quarter.


Coaching 10 clients at $2,000 will generate $10,000 and of course 15 users at 1,000 will generate $15,000.

But don’t forget to convert those sales you need exposure. If you need to get the 15 people to buy, you need to sell to 500 people. Keeping in mind 1-3% of people that are considered warm leads will buy your products. So you need to be selling to 500 people to have a chance at obtaining the 15 sales you need.

The underlying fact of this is you need to be getting exposure in your community. You need to be growing your email list. You need to be building your brand and increasing your notoriety.

If you want to learn more about this to be able to strategise and upscale your business, then you need to consider my new course IN Demand!

The whole point of this exercise is to break down what your goals are and how much income you need to generate to make per month to live your dream life. 

Once you’re doing this, it will probably be far less than you think!

I used to say I needed to make a million dollars a year to be happy and live my best life, but guess what I’m already living my best life, and it cost me far less than a million dollars but you have to become known!

Click below and let me show you how.

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