Six Secrets Of My Six-Figure Friends

I want to share with you the six inside strategies of my successful business besties. These secrets are not necessarily the definitive be all and end all list of things that will get you to six-figures. However, they are an amazing guide and template of the six reoccurring strategies that are present in most, if not all of my closest friends that make six-figure salaries.

Want to know more? Let’s dive in!

1. Downsize your niche

I know, I know you’ve heard me say this before, but you need to have a niche and become the master of it! So many people are operating in generalised areas of their field of choice, and wonder why they’re not attracting sales. It’s because no one sees you as an absolute expert that they simply must buy from. 

It might be perceived as leaving money on the table and limiting your options to potential clients but you need to have the courage to be specific and niche down. One easy way to consider what this might be is to figure out what title you would be given if you were interviewed on somebody’s podcast.

Figure this out and you’re on your way to creating a successful business.

2. Show up daily

I’m not asking you to produce full-length feature films daily on YouTube but you need to be posting on a regular basis. Whatever works for you, whether that be small steps like posting quotes and stories on your Instagram feed.

The power of showing up 20 to 30 minutes per day is so powerful and will have a profound effect on your audience community and growth of your business.

Keep yourself in people‘s minds to stay top of mind.

3. Have a recognisable brand

A recognisable brand can have a range of different meanings. It could mean you have a specific feel, specific branding colours or a certain style but you need to put your own flavour and spin on your personal branding. When you’ve found your style, stick with it so that when people see it they know straight away who it’s from.

Small steps like semi-professional photos, continuing themes in posts (colours or icons like doughnuts or band t-shirts). Consistency makes it easier to build trust in your business and obtain clients.


4. Chase opportunities

You can sit around and try and produce a viral sensation video, which is like a one in gazillion chance of happening. Or you can take steps each day to grow and create success for yourself.

I can tell you now that just making a YouTube channel is not enough. You need to go out there and project yourself on all available different types of media and promote your brand and drive people to that YouTube channel because no one else is going to do it for you (unless of course you pay them).

There is such a wide variety of different opportunities you can seize, such as pitching yourself to the media (print or websites) infiltrating Facebook groups posting continually on hashtags and your topic of expertise on social media. Pitching yourself to guest on other people’s podcasts and getting other people on your podcast.

Be creative and chase opportunities, don’t wait for them to come knocking because they won’t.

5. Be unapologetically you

Cliche AF I know, but there are only so many niches and ways to stand out. What you can do is to focus on maintaining your authentic nature.

This is what makes you, you, this is what will make you stand out, whether you know it or not so don’t reign it in. Let it flow out. Your uniqueness and quirkiness are a part of your brand, embrace it!

Sharing your story and your perspective of life will set you apart from the rest because no one has walked in your shoes.

6. Sell, Sell, SELL!

You need to sell! Simple.

You need to be able to toot your own horn. If you’re creating a program but you’re not willing to climb to the top of the mountain and tell the world about it then no one is going to buy your services or products, let alone know you even exist.

Be assertive, be direct and tell the world how good your product is. Believe in yourself, have belief in your skills and products and put yourself out there to the world.

So how did you go? Did you get all 6?

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