How to Increase Your Online Visibility

Increasing your online visibility and clients is a goal for any new or established business. However, it’s not always as easy as you might think to get in front of your ideal clients but it’s imperative to the success of your business that you do.

Exposure leads to success, so when creating or building your business, you need to make your self known. You need to be seen taking action to be seen as a leader.

Increase your visibility and become a thought leader in your niche!

Business is a numbers game

A brick and mortar store is going to make fewer sales if it’s on a small street vs a store located on a busy street along with pumping the advertising.

There is no secret to getting clients, its a mixture of different tiny individual strategies that are unique to you and your ideal client. What works for you may not work for someone else.

You might try five strategies, and none of them works, so you try five new ones – some may work and some may not, and that’s why you have to try new things.

You also have to realise that what works for you this month won’t work in six months. If there were an easy answer or recipe, everyone would have a 1,000,000 business.

Upgrading your brand to gain clarity

Stop confusing people! You have seven seconds to grab someone’s attention. If you’re unclear on what your brand is about and what you can help them with, they’ll simply keep scrolling.

Make sure you have:

  • A website with a header that has a clear message.

  • An Instagram bio that is clear and descriptive.

  • Your posts and photos are clear on messages; ultimately, you want to keep your message consistent.

  • The mantra here is “simplify to amplify your message.”

Find what resonates with your audience

People are spending money on experiences. If you make your brand a loving and nurturing environment where some feel at home, they will engage with you.

Engagement pushes you higher in social algorithms, which means more exposure, which means more organic followers and a growing community, which will mean more sales.

Become magnetic and attract people to your cause

Increase the quality of your content, and by this I mean, new content. You can’t post plain motivational quotes; people want deeper thought-provoking ideas.

If you don’t put the effort in, your audience will see that, and you won’t keep them engaged. The effort you put in will build trust in your brand. Trust correlates to growth and sales.

Know the SEO features of your platform

It’s not that hard to create content, content is out there, FOR FREE for you to educate yourself, so stop winging it!

Focus on one or two platforms and learn the shit out of tools that help you you been seen like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Learn and monitor when social media changes its algorithms

Socials used to operate via using projections and advertising onto consumers and users. However, social media is more targeted at connections and communications between users.

Social media platforms want you to keep other users hooked. The more people are hooked, the more ads they see. The more people your keeping on the platform, the more your brand will be circulated.

Create valuable content to get people to send your posts to their friends, leave comments and engage with your content.

Be proactive. You need to be out there promoting

Stand on a mountain and tell people about your brand! The easiest way to do this is to infiltrate Facebook groups and make sure your profile looks professional. Then start dropping little easter eggs of information into the comments.

If you’re using Instagram, search hashtags relevant to your niche and start putting your 2 cents worth on each post. Leave comments and tips on related hashtags. This is Garry Vees $1.80 strategy. Google it.

Submit stories to online publications

I’m not saying to go to or Forbes. Look smaller! There are loads of the websites that will be similar to your niche where you can share your knowledge with potential customers. This is also a great way to get links back to your website for… you guessed it, increased SEO.


If you have a podcast or YouTube channel, collaborate with other creators. It will share your name and work with your audience and vice versa, it’s a win win!


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