How to Overcome The Fear of Competition

Just because you weren’t the first, doesn’t mean that you can’t be the best in your industry! So many people have fears around creating content because they feel like everything has already been said. They compare themselves to others who are further along in their journey and don’t even give themselves the chance to stand out online.

This podcast episode is going to call you out on this BS because guess what? No one is you, and that is your super power. Only you can share your message in your unique way.

Let’s dive into how you can overcome your fear of competition and create the business of your dreams.

You need to get over the fear of not being the first in your niche. This is one of the biggest fears that arise for people within the first 12 months of running a business.

Competition is a good thing

Firstly you need to remind yourself that competition is a good thing! If you have competition, that means that your idea is worth pursuing. Entrepreneurs, services and products exploring new frontiers run a much higher risk.

The more energy in your industry the better it will be for you in the long run.

Competition in your industry will validate your ideas and support you with content. You’re not reinventing the wheel; you’re putting your own flair on it.

Let’s put things into perspective.

There are a billion users on Instagram. A billion, not a million, ONE BILLION. Want to know the difference between a billion and a million?

1 million seconds = 11.5 days a million number of seconds give us 11 days and a half.

And a billion?

1 billion = 31.7 years a billion gives us over 31 YEARS of time.

What does this mean? Somewhere there will be an audience out there for you.

  • 100 clients = 100 seconds in 34 years

  • 1000 clients = is 16 minutes in 34 years

  • 10,000 clients = is 2.5 hours in 34 years

There will be a group of people that will be drawn to you and the way you convey your message.

Look at the market

I’m fascinated with psychology and how we as humans, develop habits and form thinking patterns. However, I don’t listen to one expert, I digest and consume information and knowledge from a breadth of different experts in the field.

One day I prefer the method of one expert and the next day I may prefer information presented in a lighter, more sincere method. They may be saying the same stuff but presenting it in very different ways. Both informative both engaging, just different.

Just because other people are out there creating content, the audience needs contrast in the way the information is delivered to them. And this allows you to bring your unique flair and characteristics. You will shape the way that you deliver the knowledge that you consume, whether you mean to or not.

Focus on your uniqueness

You are unique, like a snowflake.

Nobody in the world will be able to replicate you as a person, influencer, coach mentor or strategist.

Everything you have done in your life; your stories, your knowledge and your experience are unique to you and you only.

When you convey your information and share your experiences to your audience will be unlike anybody else in the community no matter how much you feel that you are regurgitating information in the footsteps of those that may follow the similar path before you.

Be authentic.

Be genuine.

Be you!

Three is not a crowd

You may look at someone who has commenced their journey at a similar time to you. They may appear to have developed success faster and achieved business milestones on a larger scale then you at a comparative rate. However, don’t let this limiting belief stop you from pursuing your goals and dreams and taking action every day.

The reason why this person might be having success before you is because you haven’t found a formula that is best suited between you and your audience/clients/customers… yet!

You need to review and reflect and ask yourself, why didn’t that launch work out? What were the factors? What could I have done differently?

If your YouTube channel isn’t growing, what can you do differently to change that?

Because the audience is out there, and they are watching somebody else’s content, and they have decided not to view your content for one reason or another.

You have to alter your method if your podcast isn’t growing or your Instagram engagement is low. Is it’s because something that you are doing or not doing is not working. It all comes down to data and understanding what people like and don’t like.

You will need to take the time actually to analyse these trends.

You need to be reviewing your business strategy and if you don’t have one get one because this will allow you to interpret the results and lack of growth in particular areas that you need to improve on.

From there, you can develop steps and strategies to alter your content to achieve the growth and milestones you have set for yourself.

The reason why you’re not succeeding has nothing to do with anybody else but you.

Your strategy is out there, you just need to figure out what it is!

Stop looking at other people

I’m mind blown by the content consumption and people continually making comparisons between themselves and others.

Looking at other people is an excellent way for you to analyse your potential market or clients and develop ideas. But if you feel bad looking at other people’s content/stories or podcasts Then unfollow them and stop digesting their information.

If people are having a negative impact on your mindset or mental health, or you can’t get over the comparison-itis of other people’s successes or journey. Then do yourself a favour and limit your brains exposure to them.

You will be better for it. Trust me.

If you’re using social media as inspiration and education, try alternatives such as going to the source of information such as TED Talks, Google scholar or Hubspot.

Use your social media influence and inspiration! Don’t let it cripple your creativity and drive.


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