The KEY to Online Success That You NEED for 2019!

In my online business I share business tips and mindset advice all the time but there is one thing that keeps coming up again and again. I always have the same response which is…

If you can get this one thing right and you do it consistently, YOU WILL find success as an entrepreneur or a creator.

Watch this video for the key to your online success in 2019!

Becoming Successful Online

When it comes to becoming successful these days you need to adapt because things are changing.

More than ever people are craving connection over anything else. Facebook and Instagram have even considered taking away the like button because people are more attached to the numbers rather than the connection.

Establishing Connections and Relationships Online is Key

Believe it or not, being online is about connecting and establishing relationships. This is something we need to consider when you’re trying to interact with your audience.

You need to bring authenticity to your brand and one of the most important things you can do to connect with your audience is…

Be 100% Unapologetically You!

It will take time but work towards showing your true self. Be the person you are in real life, online.

Whether you’re random, silly, funny or shy whoever you are in real life, be that. People are going to connect to your core truth.

Also know that not everyone is going to love you but that’s ok because you will attract the people who are truly aligned with you and your brand.

Ask Yourself This Everyday

Am I showing up as the most authentic and unapologetic version of myself?

As I mentioned it will take time and that’s important! The process is so important because the more regularly you show up the more comfortable you’re going to become.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has completely transformed the way that I show up online. I’m able to be a bit more random and it enables me to ramble and be more human with my audience.

It has allowed me to bring my crazy personality into everything that I do. So find what does that for you and keep doing it, keep showing up for not just your audience but for yourself as well.

Journalling Exercise

I want you to take five minutes to journal down everything that makes you special and unique.

Then each and every day show up as that person. If you do you’ll understand that the key to your success in 2019 is being authentic and being unapologetically you.

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