The ONE thing that truly changed my life forever…

If you’ve followed my channel for a while, you know I’m passionate about personal growth and lifestyle upgrades. From mindset hacks and daily routines to creating vision boards, I’ve got you covered. However, today I want to focus on one game-changing element that has taken my life to a level I could have only dreamt of: Building an online business.

If you’re contemplating starting an online business, consider this your push. You may find that it unlocks transformations in multiple dimensions of your life.

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1. Wealth with Purpose

After reading We Should All Be Millionaires, I realized that money and impact and doing good things in the world need to go hand in hand. I have been able to do so many incredible things because of the money I’ve generated through my business. Having money allows me to contribute to causes that resonate with me, amplifying my mission-driven journey.

Yes, we need to have a good spiritual connection and a connection to the people around us, but the opportunities for fulfillment, love, contribution, and experience that you’re able to have through generating more wealth will change your life.

2. Building Meaningful Relationships

Entrepreneurship has connected me with like-minded individuals who I now consider my closest friends. Adult friendships can be tricky, but my business has offered a unique space for deep, meaningful relationships that enrich my life every day.

Having a common goal with people truly, I believe, builds depth in a relationship. When you can meet people through the process of entrepreneurship, through creativity, and through starting a business, those relationships are so rich and will challenge you to be your best self while also giving you so much love and support while you pursue your goals. 

3. Unveiling My Potential

Nothing has pushed me out of my comfort zone quite like my business. Through a spectrum of challenges, it’s helped me realize my true potential, fortifying my mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience.

At this stage, I’m still only scratching the surface, but my business has given me so many mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. But it’s through each of these challenges that I have been able to prove time and time again how strong, how courageous and how resilient I actually am. 

4. Sense of Meaning and Purpose

My business isn’t just a revenue-generating machine; it’s a crucible for personal growth. Whether it’s overcoming hurdles or going through phases of self-discovery, my business imbues these experiences with deeper meaning.

So much of what I’ve been challenged on recently has deepened my connection to the BTCPYK movement and the identity work that I am trying to bring out into the world. And so all of the challenges that I do go through in my business bring purpose to those. It brings meaning to those. They quite often say that our pain becomes our purpose, but I feel like we need a channel to do so, and our business has the incredible potential to be that channel.

5. Uninhibited Freedom

Having my own business has granted me the freedom to be authentically myself, unbound by corporate limitations or societal expectations. This freedom to explore, create, and express myself has been life-altering.

I’m able to live as wildly, as weirdly as extravagantly, as avant, godly as I want. And like I said, just having that creative freedom, that to me, is a life change to be who you want to be. I personally believe that changing your life or to live a good life, to live a fulfilling life, to live your best life, is to figure out what you like and to do that thing. 

And I feel like the freedom that a business gives you to be able to go on that journey, to discover what you like, to discover yourself and then to actually make that happen, that’s how you transform your life. You’re not confined by a nine-to-five job. You’re not confined by a location. You’re not confined by a certain income. You truly have the freedom to discover what you like in this life and to do that thing. And I think, at the end of the day, that’s truly what happiness is made from. 

At the end of the day, life is about discovering what makes you happy and having the freedom to pursue it. An online business can offer you that latitude, from financial security to personal growth and even meaningful relationships.


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