The TRUTH about Feminine Leadership with Hayley June Lloyd

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the model of leadership is undergoing significant transformation. This change is especially notable for women entrepreneurs.

The narrative is shifting from merely maximizing profits to adopting a more comprehensive approach—one that encompasses self-care, mental well-being, and the value of relationships. By dissecting insights and experiences from thought leaders in the realm of feminine leadership, we can better understand the complexities of this transformative paradigm.

“Feminine authority creates a level of trust and a relationship with your audience that goes past money.”

[00:02:00] The Power of Relatability

“Relatability is not just a buzzword; it’s an essential component of your business strategy.”

Traditional business models that focus solely on financial metrics often find themselves feeling “hollow” once they reach a particular milestone. At the core of this emptiness is a lack of mission and inner authority.

In other words, “relatable” is not just another feel-good marketing term. It’s crucial for your business, too. If you’re just chasing the numbers and forget about connecting with people, your business might end up feeling a bit soulless. Being relatable isn’t just good for business; it’s kind of like a balm for the entrepreneurial spirit.

“It’s often about more than just money; there should be a mission.”

[00:08:35] Mental Health Matters

Traditional business models often overlook the importance of mental well-being, focusing instead on profitability and growth. And in the rat race to profit and expand, we often forget that our minds need a breather. Working around the clock isn’t just exhausting; it’s a one-way ticket to burnout city.

Having an obsessive focus often results in a sense of identity crisis and codependency between the entrepreneur and the business, negating the very essence of entrepreneurial freedom.

Trust me, balancing your mental health and your business isn’t a luxury—it’s a must.

[00:16:50] The Trap of Perfectionism 

The dream of building a perfect brand often creates a vicious cycle that entrepreneurs find hard to break. Striving for an impossible standard of perfection can lead to disappointments, especially when specific goals or expectations aren’t met. Because, spoiler alert: perfection is a myth.

“We need to break down these barriers and this idealization of perfection.”

It not only affects the entrepreneur but also sets unrealistic expectations for those consuming our content and buying our offers, leading to dissatisfaction on both ends. Let’s get real, set achievable goals, and stop setting ourselves up for disappointment, alright?

[00:25:10] The Importance of Inner Authority

Leadership that lacks inner authority tends to place undue expectations and weight on the business to fulfill emotional and psychological needs.

“If you don’t have a strong relationship with yourself, you place a lot of weight and expectation on your business to make you happy.”

If you’re not cool with yourself, you’re putting a heck of a lot of pressure on your business to fill that void. And before you realize it, you might find yourself willing to sacrifice personal relationships, health, and overall well-being for the success of the business. This is why developing a strong inner authority is so important. You can’t expect your business to be your therapist, best friend, and soulmate all rolled into one.

So, work on your inner mojo and let your business breathe a little.

[00:35:20] Relationship with Your Business and Others

Your business should be viewed as a separate entity, akin to a partnership.

This allows you to be fully committed to your business without losing your individuality. When you don’t allow for this separation, there’ll come a day when you might forget who you are without it. Think of it like motherhood — After years dedicated to their children, many women find themselves struggling to reclaim their identities.

“As more women are choosing not to have children, we are still carrying these sacrificial behaviors into our businesses.”

You can be all-in on your business without ignoring your family, friends, or, you know, your own needs. It’s not an “either-or” situation; balance is totally achievable.

[00:45:40] The Balanced Life: A Way Forward

“When the business isn’t doing so well, you should have other areas in your life that can keep you grounded,” is the guiding principle here.

Building a relationship with yourself is considered the first step to nurturing a healthier relationship with your business and life as a whole. A life enriched by diverse interests and relationships can offer a sanctuary when the business is going through tough times. When you’re good with who you are, the highs and lows of business life won’t throw you off course as much. Plus, a well-rounded life is like a safety net for your emotional well-being.

“We should be building businesses with respect, commitment, and a sense of separateness that allows us to thrive as individuals.”

[00:56:40] Are You Making Money or Relationships?

How does feminine leadership help you make money? The answer lies in aligning revenue generation with your broader mission and values. Short-term profits can happen in all kinds of ways, but for long-term sustainability, your business should aim for transformational rather than transactional relationships.

The dream scenario is when you’re making money while staying true to your mission. We’re talking about the kind of success that fills both your pockets and your soul.

The future of business lies in creating genuine, long-lasting relationships. These relationships go beyond transactional exchanges and are the bedrock of a sustainable business model.

“Feminine authority creates a level of trust and a relationship with your audience that goes past money.”

As you build these deep connections, not only do you fortify the foundation of your business, but you also enrich your personal and professional life.

[01:12:25] The Inner Authority Factor

A lack of inner authority can manifest in lots of ways, including undermining relationships, writer’s block, and dodging feedback like it’s a dodgeball game. Cultivating inner authority is essential for creating a balanced and respectful relationship with team members, clients, and even your family.

“It’s just reactive work as opposed to responding.” Such low inner authority can undermine not only professional relationships but also personal ones.

Owning your inner authority isn’t just empowering; it’s good for business.

[01:21:30] Breaking the Cycle

Ever feel stuck in a never-ending loop of do’s
and don’ts with your clients? Rigid rules for client interaction do nothing but reinforce an unhealthy business-client dynamic, often trapping you both in a cycle of low inner authority. Take off the training wheels and try something new. Ditch the rulebook, and you might just find a more exciting way to engage.

[01:28:50] The Sophistication in Feminine Authority Content

Feminine authority isn’t only about authenticity and vulnerability—it also demands a level of sophistication.

“Feminine authority content is about creating from a more empowered place, which in turn speaks to a higher-level client.”

Now, this isn’t just about luring high-end clients. It’s about creating content that really, truly represents you.

The future of feminine leadership lies in embracing a more balanced, holistic, and self-respecting approach. It’s not about ruthless competition or relentless ambition but about fostering qualities that can achieve sustainable success and well-being for everyone involved. With strong inner authority, a focus on meaningful relationships, and a commitment to sophisticated, authentic content, feminine leadership promises a future of businesses that are not just profitable but meaningful and lasting.

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