BIG BOSS ENERGY: Why Your Humility is Killing Your Business

If you’ve been a follower of this blog or my content in general for some time, you will have realized that whilst I do pump out some incredible interviews on my podcast, over the last six months, I have also been using this as a little bit of a verbal diary where I communicate a lot of the behind the scenes to my business, to my thought processes and to my own growth as an entrepreneur. It really is like getting inside the mind of a multiple-six-figure entrepreneur.

And a theme over the past couple of months, in particular, has been my battling with my identity as a business owner in the current coaching space. And I’ve come to realize something…

My humility is actually not doing me any good. 

You playing small is not fucking helping anyone. It really isn’t. You not making money is not helping anyone. If you truly wanna have an impact, you have to have influence and you have to have resources.


I’ve built a business, and I’m literally living a life beyond my wildest dreams, and I truly want people to be able to do that. I’m also really inspired by garnering conversations and helping people to build influence, to create change in the world. 

I have seen so many of my clients who have missions behind them and who have passions for creating change. And just by them having some kind of platform, some kind of influence, they really are making a difference in the lives of others, making a difference in the lives of people. I look at all of the women who have stood for women’s rights and created change within politics, social sports, whatever it may be. I’m just so inspired by people standing up for what they believe in and creating change in the world. And you need a platform, and quite often you need money and resources to actually be able to do that. 

And so I have really realized that my humility isn’t serving me. I have this huge passion behind me, but one thing that is really holding me back is because again, I’m so tarnished by so much of the wrongdoing in this industry that, do you know how much I actually hold myself back? 

For example, in my sales strategies, I sometimes think my programs are the best programs on the internet, I really do. But you know, I hold myself back from sometimes even sharing client testimonials, sometimes sharing my own massive income wins, and sometimes sharing the incredible things that I’ve been able to do.

I seriously hold myself back from sharing so much of the incredible stuff that I’ve done, so much of the incredible stuff that my clients have been able to do. And because of humility, because I’m so worried about getting categorized as just another coach who’s obsessed with success. I am holding myself back from being able to truly pursue my mission. I know how to teach people how to build six-figure businesses. Do you think I ever talk about that? No, I don’t. I’ve had students come out of Simply Business having built six-figure businesses, achieving things like 30k months.

I was literally just reading some of the testimonials from my last round of Simply Business because I’m currently in the launch of my Chillpreneur Business Accelerator, which is just the next-level version of Simply Business. And some of the testimonials are incredible. Like they are absolutely so incredible. And yeah, every so often, I share a screenshot, but I really hold myself back from talking so expressively about some of the incredible life-changing results that my students have been able to experience financially. Because again, I’m just so worried about looking like that coach who’s just obsessed with making money or just obsessed with their clients making money. 

But the fact is, and this is the biggest realization that I’ve had here, we need money for the incredible stuff that we’re gonna do in the world. 

Me staying small, me being humble, me not selling the fuck out of everything that I do, and making a shit ton of money in the process is helping no one. Sure, I live an incredible life, and I inspire my pocket of the internet to do the same, but I’m not going to get to the point where I can create massive change on a large scale for people if I don’t start selling myself a little bit more to the degree of which I know I’m actually able to help people. And to the degree of what I’ve been able to achieve for myself.

My biggest mission: 

  1. I just want adults to have more fun. I want them to play. I want them to experience different hobbies, different cultures, different people, you know, experiment a little in life. There is so much juice and deliciousness to life, but we box ourselves into “this is who I am, and therefore this is what I’m able to experience.”

  2. I want people to have influence. I want people who have a mission in their heart, who have values, who have an opinion, to have a platform in order to be able to share that opinion. If you are someone who wants to see change in a particular area you need an audience in order to be able to share those values and use those values to create true change in the world. So helping people to build a platform that creates change in the world, helping people to live an extraordinary life, experiencing all the deliciousness that this world has to offer, then helping people to create true social change in the world.

    One thing I realize is for all of this, you need money. You need money, you need power, and you need influence. 

And because of humility I downsell so much of what I could use as marketing within my business to reach more people, to make more money. 

I want my voice to be heard more powerfully in this space. I wanna talk more about the things that I believe in. And I do want to talk more about success, about money, about income, about wealth creation, about what a business can do for your, for your life, and for your experiences as well as for the world. 

Particularly the takeaway lesson from this is you playing small is not fucking helping anyone. It really isn’t. You not making money is not helping anyone. If you truly wanna have an impact, you have to have influence, and you have to have resources like businesses.


Stop playing small. Stop down-selling yourself. Stop being humble because it’s really not helping anyone. Like big boss energy, big fuck off, cocky ass, I’m incredible energy is the thing that is going to not only help you to get the results that you want, it’s what makes all of these other people successful. Whether they are ethical or not, it doesn’t matter. The thing is why they are successful, why they are making unprecedented amounts of money is because of that. I am the coolest person I know energy. I literally am the greatest thing since sliced toast energy. I am the best coach. I am the most amazing person. I have the best programs. It is that energy, is that sense of self-belief, that sense of self-trust to be able to go out there and say that whether they’re correct or not is the thing that is ultimately leading to that success. 

And so imagine if you, a mission-driven entrepreneur who actually has skills and expertise, comes out with that same energy, with that same, I am the greatest thing. I am the coolest person I know. My programs are the most amazing thing. And your programs are actually the most amazing thing. Your offers are actually programs that truly have value to them that can change people’s lives. Imagine what you would be able to actually do if you just stopped playing small. 

This is my reminder to you that you have to do the identity work to take full ownership of your power, to claim your big fuck off energy, to become a little cocky, to become a little like convicted in your messaging. Like you going out there staring the internet
directly in the eyes and saying, you should follow me. You should buy my products because I can help you. I can really make a difference in your life. Like without that true sense of self-belief,  you are always going to get small results. 

And so this is my advice to you, is it’s time to go big. It’s time to claim your power. It is time to truly step up and really see yourself for your potential. See yourself for who you are. Yes, you might still have further to go. We all do. That’s life. But it is time for you to truly take ownership of what you can create in this world and stop trying to build a successful business by hiding in the crowd. 

Get on that stage, get that microphone and tell people how incredible you are and tell people how passionate you actually are about helping them and share the results that you create for yourself. Celebrate yourself. 

Let’s all claim our influence, our power, our leadership, because we have something inside of ourselves.

Make 2023 the year that you step up to the plate. I am going to step up to the plate.



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