The Most Important Episode I Have Ever Recorded (The Truth You Need To Hear)

This might be the most necessary piece of content that I’ve created in my entire career. However, it is going to massively call you out it is probably the thing that you are needing to hear most and yet least likely actually want to hear. Because we’re going to dive deep into patients. 

The reason why I wanted to talk about patience is that lately, I have been having so many conversations with clients throughout my group coaching programs and my one-on-one clients. And the centre focus for so many of these conversations is the sheer frustration that my clients are experiencing because they are not getting results fast enough. And what this leads them to believe is that they won’t get results in the future. And so what’s the point of trying now? This mindset is the reason why so many people fail at entrepreneurship. 

I love the classic quote that there’s no such thing as a failure until you give up, and most people do fail at entrepreneurship like most people start businesses and are never able to see success. And it’s not because there was inherently anything wrong with them or their strategy necessarily. It’s just that they simply didn’t give themselves enough time to actually find the strategy that works for them and to develop the mindset that they needed in order to actually succeed.

Slow and sustainable growth is a blessing

The internet is filled with falseness. 

Looking back and connecting the dots, I find so much peace in how fucking long it’s actually taken me to get to the point where I am today, and I’m nowhere near other people who even started way after me. But I was having a conversation with a client, and she was comparing herself to some people that were in her industry and I had to remind her that you have no idea what everybody else is actually doing. 

Like yes, you might see the results that they share with you but also, a lot of people fabricate their results. A lot of people may look like they’re having the best fucking time in the world and are actually hating every single step of their journey. You don’t know how much mindset work someone had to put in before they even got to the point of posting on Instagram or putting out their first YouTube video. 

Someone might have a decade worth of experience or personal development. And then, yes, they just put a reel out because it was so good because of all that mindset work and they went viral. Or maybe that person has done 10,000 hours of study on consumer psychology. They may have been intentionally scrolling and trying to understand how the internet works for the past five years. They may have had someone that invested in their business to help them gain visibility. They might have just had that one contact that led them to new opportunities. 

So sitting there and comparing yourself to what you perceive to be somebody else’s success or to be somebody else’s journey is such a waste of time because the reality is that you have no idea, and also, one of the things that I brought to my client’s attention was, you don’t know how that person feels on the inside. That person could be severely depressed because they feel stuck and trapped within their own success. So many people that go viral actually don’t have the time to acclimatise towards the next level of success. And so they get to that point of realization that they’ve achieved all of their goals and are deeply unhappy because they don’t feel like they earned it. And then they feel the pressure of trying to do it again. And then they have this, you know, all the people wanting to know how they did it, and they don’t even know how they did it.

Slow and sustainable growth is a blessing 

Do you know why? Because every single step, every single intentional step that you take towards success, gives you the feeling that you actually earned that success. Going from zero to 100? God, do you think you feel impostor syndrome now? Imagine waking up tomorrow and having 1000s of clients, and you have no idea how it happened. Do you think you’re going to feel good about it? No. You might feel good initially, but what happens after that? What happens when you can’t actually handle it because your business isn’t set up for that in the back end? Or what happens after that when your mindset isn’t acclimatized to that new level of wealth, and so you blow it all, and then you feel like a failure because you couldn’t hold on to it? Or what happens when people ask you how you got there, and you can’t answer the question because you have absolutely no idea other than the luck of the algorithm? 

And so, comparing yourself to other people’s journey is such a waste of time, as well as trying to compete with people who achieved “fast results,” which, by the way, is the extreme minority of people. Trying to compare yourself to these people is pulling you away from what actually matters. And what actually matters is that you have been put on this earth with a purpose. Whatever you desire to do on the internet, whatever message you have inside of you to share, there’s a reason for that. All of the experiences in your life that have led you up to this point that you are at right now have happened for a reason. 

Everything Happens For a Reason

What you need to do as an entrepreneur that is going to help you to be more patient is to learn to trust the process. 

  • So my journey started back in 2010. It is now 2022, 12 years ago. I started studying marketing. I worked walked into my first marketing class in June of 2010. 

  • I then started creating content on the internet in October 2014, using all of the marketing skills I’d learned over the course of my 4-year degree. 

  • I created content on the internet for two years for free, building my community without making a cent and without having a business. 

  • In 2016 I finally started implementing my marketing, public relations and business skills. And I started a business in social media marketing. Was this business successful? Kinda not really. I was just “lucky” that I was able to get quite a big client off the bat, which allowed me to work with multiple different brands. 

  • In 2017 I started the business that I have now. I started business coaching. At that point, I’d had three years of experience on the internet creating content, so I started teaching people to do the same. Now, in the beginning, I worked with a bunch of people for free. I did not charge them a cent. 

  • Then I decided to launch my business and put it out onto the internet. 

Fast forward to today. I have a lot of people, a lot of clients, coming into my space saying that they are inspired by my journey. They love where I am at. They are so they look up to me, the lifestyle that I have, and the business that I have. But I just want to remind you that this isn’t a few years of just showing up and creating content. This is 12 years of putting in the work not only for my brand, my business, and my marketing skills but also for my mindset and my self-trust. 

Because let me tell you, 12 years is not a short amount of time that is almost half of my life dedicated to this. 

I have had so many friends surpass me in growth with their income and growth with their businesses. I have actually had quite a few clients surpass me in the way that they’ve been able to build their businesses. And the most frustrating part of it is that I felt frustrated about it. I felt like I wasn’t building fast enough. Like there was something wrong with me. 

Now I want to share this with you because I now feel so good about my journey. The reason being is that I can be an example of building a sustainable business, building a business that has the opportunity to go in so many different directions to have a true impact. I can be an example of that it takes time. I can say to my clients I am where I am now because I just kept showing up. I just kept showing up through the frustration, through the self-doubt. 

Now, I have the skills and the tools to be able to come back to my purpose. And my purpose is to tell people to chill the fuck out and to start trusting themselves and their journey and their timeline more than they are comparing themselves to other people.

When you are on the verge of thinking that you are not good enough and that yo
u should quit and that it’s never going to work because of what everybody else is doing or what you’re perceiving everybody else to be doing, you need to come back to self-trust. 

And you know what? Many of the clients that have surpassed me in financial income have also had major periods of burnout. I have never had a business-induced period of burnout. I’ve made millions of dollars on the internet and still lived a life that I would consider to be absolutely free and incredible. 

Now, the only thing that I can attribute to the fact that I’ve been able to live this incredible life is that I have prioritized slow, sustainable growth. I have just shown up every single day and taken one step forward. I haven’t put pressure on myself. I haven’t tried to push myself to the point of burnout just so that I can get a couple of extra bucks in my bank account. 

There is no greater and more important skill as an entrepreneur that you should work on developing than trusting yourself. 

Imagine with content creation if you trusted your voice more if you just trusted what ideas you had without criticizing and agonizing over every single word trying to make it perfect by somebody else’s standards. Imagine how much faster you would be at content creation but also how much more fun you would actually have. Then also imagine if you just trusted the timing of your business. You still did the most important thing for success, and that is showing up for it every single day. 

Things take time to flourish. 

You need to marinate in things. You need to implement things over and over and over and over again.

Every single product you develop is not just going to work perfectly the first time. Every funnel you put together it’s not just going to work instantly. Every single new format of content that you try is not just going to work perfectly. 

Success is very simple. If you want to succeed at something, you find the simplest strategy that feels good for you to implement over and over again. And then you just do it every single day. 

That’s all success is it’s doing a few simple things. 

Success takes time. 

Every single thing, every single challenge or thing that’s not working, or moment of frustration is there to help guide you, is there to help you grow. Trust every single lesson and challenge that is supposed to happen. Because everything that’s happening to you now is setting you up with a skill, a characteristic trait or a new belief that you’re going to need in the future. Every single thing that’s happening to you now is supposed to happen so that you can become who you need to be to handle the success that you want in the future.



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