How I Use Pinterest To Build My Vibey Dream Life

I wanted to also talk about how I use Pinterest to build my vibey dream life. I use Pinterest to help me stay connected to my goals and visions as well as to help me to feel really vibey throughout my life. I use Pinterest every single day to make me feel like my life is a vibe. And that helps me to feel like I’m progressing toward my goals. 

So, today I want to show you all the different ways throughout the day that I actually use Pinterest.


The first thing I do every single morning, or when I wake up pretty much every single morning is I have a coffee, I sit on the couch, and I use Pinterest as a visualization tool. 

It’s really important to anchor yourself into your goals as often as you possibly can. Even if it’s just for five minutes every single day. I have both playlists and Pinterest boards that help me stay connected to the changes that I’m trying to make in my life.

Because if you don’t remind yourself regularly of what you’re trying to do, it’s so easy just to get caught up in the autopilotness of life. And so I start my day every day with sort of a visualization session (not meditating.) I literally just sit with my Pinterest board. 

It just reminds me of the lifestyle that I am trying to create. It reminds me of the things that I’m trying to achieve.

I don’t have like an overly wild imagination so when I’ve tried to sit there with guided meditations and visualize my future I literally come up blank so often. So using actual visual aids as a visualization tool is really powerful for me. 

It sets the tone for my day. They say what you get that dopamine boost from in the morning is what you’ll go back to throughout the day. So for me, having control over the vibe that I want to create for my life in the morning, getting that dopamine boost from the excitement that I feel looking at these pictures rather than let’s say going on social media and having everyone dictate to me who I should be and what I should be doing. Makes me feel like I’m in control and also feel really connected and clear on what it is that I’m trying to do with my life. 


The next thing I like to use Pinterest for is my personal style. 

Honestly, I feel like such a big part of my confidence comes from my personal style. I noticed such a difference or I have noticed such a difference since I’ve just been putting that little bit of extra effort into dressing in a way that makes me feel like a badass. It makes me feel like the coolest person I know. 

But I can’t just magically visualize an outfit in my head, so Pinterest is one of the places that I go every single day when I’m getting ready to guide my outfit choices. I get a lot of people complimenting my style. And like I almost feel like I can’t even take credit for it. Obviously, I’m curating these outfits, but it is largely inspired by Pinterest.

What I’ll do is I’ll just go into my style board on Pinterest. And it just has a whole bunch of different outfits. 

When I am scrolling through and saving things for my style board. I’m mostly trying to save things that I know that I can put together with the clothing that I own. I think it’s really easy to get inspired by fashion and then feel like you’ve got to go out and buy a bunch of stuff, but that is so wasteful. 


Something else I use Pinterest for is that when I’m feeling a little bit self-conscious, I try to remind myself of all the badass things that I do. And the badass person that I am. So even before as I was getting ready, I was raving because I know that’s a big part of why I feel cool. And then I go on to Pinterest and look through my Badass board which is filled with pins that make me feel like a badass for like the things that are exclusive to me – the combination of hobbies, activities, and mindset that make me me. 

And so, when I’m feeling a little self-conscious, I always use Pinterest to draw back to the fact that I know that I’m a cool person. 

The more you recognize your strengths, the more you realize that the unique combination of your hobbies, interests, passions, views, and values, makes you so freaking cool. Then you can remind yourself of that. 

Create a visual representation so that when you are going into an experience where you’re feeling a little nervous or self conscious, you can come back to the fact that you are the coolest person you know.


I get a lot of compliments from people on how my Instagram Stories look so vibey and a part of that is a photography skill. Now I’m not a professional photographer, and I wouldn’t say I’m the best photographer in the world, but what Pinterest does is allows me to see the way that things are framed. 

So let’s say that someone was going to take a photo of their food or someone was going to take a photo of their style; constantly showing myself examples of images makes me think about when I’m taking a photo the way it should be framed instead of just like snapping a story randomly. 

I think about how to frame it and how to make it appear to be more aesthetically pleasing, which obviously adds to it feeling vibey. 

This is obviously good because I run a business I have a brand and making everything just look a little bit more cohesive look a little bit more professional has allowed me to create more of a vibe overall.  


The last thing that I really use Pinterest for is bringing just some intentionality to all the little aspects throughout my day. Rather than just slumping on the couch at the end of the day and scrolling through social media, just taking that extra second to set up what I call a vibe: lighting some candles or putting on a cute evening outfit or putting on some nice music or straightening up a little bit. 

It really can elevate any moment. And I found that since I started consuming Pinterest more, I actually felt more of a call to like uplift all of the small areas of my life versus let’s say scrolling on social media and having unnecessary things delivered to me. I always felt just icky after I had those sessions, whereas, with Pinterest, I just find that it’s more about looking at the small little details in your life and seeing if there’s any way that you can create more of a vibe. 

It’s not like you need to overhaul your whole entire life. But just those individual little things that make you just feel better about the small moments, they compound into making your life feel like more of a vibe. And a lot of the inspiration that I do get for that stuff, whether it’s house decor, whether it’s the way I’m going to set up my dinner, whether it’s the way that I’m going to prepare myself a drink or even my office like all the little individual things or the small things that make up the entirety of my life. A lot of the inspiration for that does come from Pinterest. 

It’s also a beautiful reflection when you’re able to bring a vision to life.

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