how to make a MOTIVATIONAL vision board (a video vision board?)

Honestly, I did not have this video or this post planned, but I was inspired to create it because it’s something that I’ve implemented in my own personal life and absolutely loving.

So, I wanted to share it with you.

Today, I want to show you exactly how to create yourself a video vision board.


Now, I know you might be thinking, what the hell is a video vision board? 

Well, if I am going to be completely honest and vulnerable with you, over the weekend, I started feeling a lot of imposter syndrome.

A lot of people have been purchasing my courses and joining my membership and, while all of that is AMAZING, it’s very common for people who start to create a new level of success for themselves to enter a stage of fear, to worry about it all going away, to wonder if it’s what they really want, to wonder if they’re worthy of it.

Even though I know I’m an amazing coach and I care so much about the results of my students and of my community, it’s just a part of the human experience to have fears around these types of things. 

But, knowing what I know, and having been through the personal development journey I have, I was not going to allow my fear to get in the way of me or my vision.

So, I went for a drive and, while I was driving, the song Levels by Avicii came on.

I used to visualize to that song all the time and it got me thinking about my journey from lazy party girl to who I am today, and I realized that a pivotal moment in that journey started with a video. 

So I started to piece it together: Music is so motivating and it has the ability to influence our brain states and what we see can really inspire and motivate us. 

So, driving along, listening to this song, I realized that the answer, for me, was a video vision board. 

Rather than watch other peoples compilations of motivational talks and clips, I sat down and gathered up all the things that I have on my vision board, into video format so that I can watch it every single day and get myself motivated and pumped up. 

The idea is the exact same as having a vision board, but it’s just so much more stimulating to be able to listen to it and watch. 

I’ve been watching my video vision board every single day and I promise you, it has really helped me to stay focused, motivated, and inspired.


So, the first step you need to take to create your video vison board is you, essentially, to create a “shots list”. Just like how you would plan what to put on your normal vision board, you’re going to want to write out a list of shots you want to include in your video.

So, when I did this for myself, it included things like:

  •  Being better at Motorcross riding.

  • Hosting events.

  • The house I want to buy. 

  • My Muay Thai personal training.

It included all of the things I want to build my life around, including the things I want to get better at. 

Maybe you want to make more money and you can find a clip of someone who is wealthy and living a luxurious life in the way you’d like to live. 

Maybe you want to travel more and you find a clip from a travel vlog.

So, really what you want to start with is writing out a “shots list” of all of the things that matter to you (so you don’t end up just wasting time aimlessly scouring the internet). That way, you actually have purpose and direction for what you want to find.


I don’t usually recommend downloading other peoples content but because your vision board is going to be 100% for personal consumption it’s ok.

So here’s how you do it:

  1. Go into Google Chrome.

  2. Search “save from net chameleon”.

  3. Install the plug-in and set up an account (it will essentially let you download videos from anywhere on the internet.).

  4. Find Your Clips: Search for the people or topics that you have on your shot list.

  5. When you find a video that has a clip you like, download the video using the green button that is now present because of the plug-in.


The final stage of creating your video vision board is putting all of it together. 

Now, you are going to need some type of editing program for this. I use Final Cut Pro, but there is free software available for both Mac and PC, you just have to choose what works best for you.

  1. Import the videos you downloaded into your chosen software. 

  2. Scan through the videos and cut out the scenes that stand-out to you (until you’ve dwindled them down to a bunch of smaller little sections).

  3. Rearrange and play with the sections until you feel they flow right. Take your time and have fun with it. 

  4. Choose a song that inspires you (maybe even layout the clips to line up with cues in the song).


This is one of the biggest things. 

You’ve actually got to use your vision board for it to be of any purpose to you. 

For example, I’ve made it a part of my morning routine and it really has been motivating and reminding me of what I’m working towards. 

I think it’s really easy sometimes to lose sight of our own personal vision, and that can really demotivate us. 

When we don’t know why we’re showing up online or struggling with the tech for building a website, we can really lose sight of what it’s all for and why it’s worth it.

So having this video vision board is a way for you to connect for just a couple of minutes a day to your big purpose, your why, your vision, your mission, and what you want your day to look like. 

That way, everything else you do for that day has purpose and intention.


Definitely let me know if you create your own and share it with me on Facebook or Instagram – @erinmayhenry, I’ll see you there!

are you ready to start creating your dream life?


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