How I am Planning to Upgrade my Life

I thought we could kind of hang out for a day in my life today! 🙂

I want to take you behind the scenes as I do some normal work today: film a video, consultation call, and some other admin work. But, I also just wanted to spend the afternoon doing a little bit of life planning. I’ve done a lot of business planning over the last couple of days, really over the last couple of months, but I’ve had this call to upgrade my life a little bit, just to take everything to the next level. 

But, in order for me to do that, I need to know what it looks like. And, that’s what this “day in the life” is all about!

[2:12] Breakfast + Inspiration

When I eat breakfast, I love to watch YouTube. Lately, I’ve been mostly watching lifestyle YouTubers. These videos have been getting me really inspired, for my own content, as well as from the perspective of the little habits that people adopt in their own lives. 

*If you need some recommendations for YouTubers, make sure to check out the community tab of my YouTube page.*

[3:10] Respond to Clients

My 1:1 clients have unlimited access to me via Whatsapp so once a day I go and respond to all of there messages and questions.

All of my group coaching clients and students within both my membership and my Vision + Tribe course have Facebook groups. So, once a day, I just go through and do all of the engaging in there, as well.

This is something that I’m really trying to work on because I’m the type of person that, if I could, I would just be responding all day. But, that would not be healthy for me or for my clients.

[5:00] Get Ready With Me

My makeup routine is pretty simple at the moment. I put on a light tinted moisturizer, then concealer (to cover up all of my secrets), and then I will do my liner, my lashes, and my brows. And, that’s pretty much it.

[7:00] Admin 

To fill the time before my consultation call, I decided to do some admin work for a little bit.


The setup: 

  • The Canon 80D EOS with Sigma lens.

  • Ring Light

  • Notes on my iPad

  • Microphone (set up in front of me because my necklace would cause a lot of noise if I put it on my person)

    Fun fact: I wanted this lens for years because it’s what the lifestyle YouTubers used to use, but funnily enough, I almost never use it.


As of today, I don’t currently have any 1:1 spots available, but because I’ve had a whole bunch of application forms through, I’m going to start filling the spots for July.

The women I’m speaking to are multi-passionate, creative, have big visions of helping women become the best versions of themselves and the idea of working with them makes me so so so excited. They are just a perfect fit for my Next Level Game Changer 1:1 coaching program.

[10:20] The Life Wheel

I kind of just wanted to sit down and do an assessment of my own life. I’m super into personal development (as you probably know), so I am always trying out new things and trying to upgrade my own life. 

As of late, I’ve really felt the call to just sit down and do a massive audit of my own life. I have been so well organized in my business and with all my projects, so now I want to identify all the areas in my personal development that could increase the quality of my life. 

This isn’t coming from a place of doing a full 180 flip or of not being happy, it’s about acknowledging the areas that I could be trying just a little bit harder. 

If I can identify the areas of my life that aren’t thriving the way others are, I can work on improving them.

I like to use the life wheel for this exercise. It allows you to look at your life from the perspective of the different categories within it.  There is no formula to it, fill it in intuitively based on how fulfilled you feel in each area. 

Are you putting in as much effort as you can? If not, what could you be doing to improve that?

[15:10] Specific Action Steps

Once you identify the areas you feel like you could and want to improve, it’s time to determine exactly what it is you’re going to do to make it happen. 

It’s so helpful to list out specific action steps, in order to keep yourself accountable in each area. They don’t have to be complicated, just list out each of the areas you are looking to improve and list out 1 or 2 things you could be doing differently in that area. 

For instance, I’m going to swap out some of the lifestyle videos I’ve been watching for podcasts and more positive YouTubes in order to improve my personal growth area. The key here is to prepare myself with a list of podcasts and YouTube videos I want to watch so that when I sit down for breakfast tomorrow morning, I am not tempted to retract. Does that mean I’m not going to watch the lifestyle stuff? No. I’ll watch it at night or in other leisure time. 

It does NOT need to be complicated. It ultimately comes down to you identifying what needs to be changed, creating an action plan for that change, and then actually taking action.


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