Healthy Social Media Habits with Brooke Vulinovich

The Game Changer Podcast Episode 63 is with Brooke Vulinovich from Villa Management. We sit down (IRL) to talk about all things healthy social media habits!

I’ll be honest, we sat down with absolutely no plan of what we were going to talk about, but we wanted to give some insight into our personal views of the potential dangers of social media and, dare I say, we did not disappoint.

Fact is, we can throw all the strategies out there, but what’s most important is your mind, is your joy, is your happiness. 

It is about reverse engineering your life from those things. And, in this episode, Brooke gives you a glimpse into a few habits that help her do just that.

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First, let’s be clear, healthy social media habits will be different for everyone. 

Brooke has found 5 that work for her, but that does not mean that they will necessarily suit you and your life. 

“I like to teach what works for me in the hopes that it works for other people too. But, I just want the people listening to know that if you try one of these and it doesn’t work because your life is different to mine. That’s ok.” You do You. 

There is no one size fits all strategy. And, what worked for you this year might change next year—you might change, your environment might change.

The purpose of these habits it to protect your mind, to fill your cup.

Especially when you’re a service-based business, everything you do in your business really does depend on your and your mindset. So, the better your mindset, the better your results will be (whatever that look like to you).

Even online, people can still pick up your energy and it will translate into your goals. So, the better you can set social media boundaries the more you will be able to protect that energy.

1) No phones in the bedroom (buy an alarm clock)

Put your chargers in another room and plug your phone in there to charge over night. Make your bedroom a social media free zone.

2) No phones after 7 pm.

Winding down from your day with a few hours of social media-free time will allow you to clear your head and reset for the next day. Plus, get a better nights sleep.


If the first thing you do in the morning is check social media, you will spend your entire day in a reactive state of mind. This will make it increasingly difficult to process your OWN thoughts.

A good morning routine can ensure that you remain level headed throughout your day

For Brooke, that looked like substituting social media in the morning for a workout routine. This led to more clarity of thought, more energy in her workshops but for you, it could be something else. 

Maybe you go for a walk, maybe you drink your coffee…just do anything that doesn’t involve being on your phone.

4) Be More Mindful When You Scroll: 

Set a countdown timer for 10 minutes and take a moment to be mindful about the accounts in your feed.

If you come across a picture and don’t “like” it:

  • Ask yourself why?

  • Has it affected how you’re feeling right now?

  • Do you need to unfollow it?

  • Is it relevant to your business?

Even just mute them, if that feels less dramatic for you.

*Just make sure you don’t unfollow more than 40 people a day because you risk getting your account blocked by Instagram.*

5) Turn Off Your Notifications

This one is huge. 

When you feel like this thing that you carry around in your pocket has control over you, turning off your notifications reminds you that you ultimately have control of when you check them. It’s up to you if and when you check the app and that mindset shift is a powerful one.  


Remember, if and when you begin implementing these habits, you do not need to do them all at once!

Instead, slowly start to compare how you feel on the days where you set boundaries around social media and the days you do not. 

The results you get on the days when you implement healthy social media habits of your own will be the thing that motivates you to continue to make them a continuous part of your life. 

“I’ve never done my routine and felt worse. And that is always what motivates me.”

Let’s get real, Brooke’s job is to teach Instagram. So if she can make these work for her, there are habits that will work for you.

It just means being self-aware and self-motivated towards a happier, healthier you.


It is also incredibly important to remember that you have a personality outside of social media.

Nothing is going to give you more confidence to go live or to create a piece of content then the realization that this piece of content is an incredibly small fragment of your life.

The more you create a sense of identity outside of social media presence, not only the better your content will be, but the better you are truly going to feel.

Share what’s relevant to your audience (because they do want to get to know you), but just know that your social media presence is the smallest percentage of what you’re worth as a human being. You do not have to put your entire life online. Shape your business story in a way that’s inspiring but remain protective of your personal life (because you can).  You’ve got to send the boundaries in order to do that.

Setting those boundaries will give you more time to fill your cup, fill your soul, and, in turn, ultimately fill your bank account.




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