The Key to Unlocking Your Success in Life and Business

In recent times, you’ve probably heard that mindset is the strongest foundation there is—right? Shifting your mindset to not just a positive one but one that will empower you to go after your dreams has been a buzzing topic of discussion on the internet as of late.

While this is a great thing, there is another piece to the puzzle that is in fact success, that should be brought to the light. Shall we?

See the mind is a tricky thing, and while it can give us the brightest of ideas it can also cause us to spiral down into doubt and confusion if we let it. Therefore the key to unlocking a positive mindset that will guide us on our path to success is actually found from within.

We must uncover it and cultivate it again and again as it is the key that will unlock the door to clarity each and every single time. So the question then is, “What is the key?”.


To feel comfortable enough with ourselves that we embrace every part of who we are is the simplest way to begin cultivating in addition to building up our self-confidence.

When we have the self-confidence to step into our power every single morning that’s when the mindset that we need to succeed effortlessly follows.

Of course, it helps to deal with some other challenges as well like…

Overcoming Anxiety

Feeling nervous about that next meeting? Maybe you’re overthinking your next launch? Or maybe you’re even feeling restless at night thinking about how your to-do list just seems to keep getting longer and longer every day and no matter how many things you seem to check off it just never seems to end?

Pause. Breathe.

Anxiety presents itself in many ways. By taking a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think to yourself, “I got this.”—you’re already practicing confidence.

Believing in yourself, your abilities, and knowing that you will find solutions to all of the things that may be stressing you out—you’re already practicing self-confidence.

Since we are on the topic of believing in yourself, self-confidence also helps with…

Overcoming Self-Doubt

In order to cultivate a positive mindset to take on new challenges, find solutions to said challenges, and believe in your dreams… overcoming self-doubt becomes and absolute must.

Being able to take on the role of the partner, mother, sibling, and a friend, also known as having a personal life like everybody else, while being a girl boss and a game changer all at once can only be powered by one thing. Self-confidence.

Not just believing rather knowing that you are all of these roles and that yes, you can be present enough for your loved ones and also for your goals takes the tenacity to say no to self doubt when it comes knocking on your door.

So sure, self-confidence sounds great but guess what? It isn’t necessarily innate. Which brings us to the topic of…

Unlocking the Door to Your Inner Game Changer

Or in other words, how exactly to build and maintain your self-confidence. And ironically enough it goes back to—mindset.


See, they are foundations for each other. They go hand in hand and here’s why.

When we begin to feel self-doubt, anxiety, or simply lack of confidence creeping up, we have to make the conscious decision of reminding ourselves (positive affirmations are great for this) that we are powerful and that we have what it takes to meet our success.

Likewise, when we feel like we are constantly feeling aggravated or thinking negatively we must be self-confident enough, to take a break and disconnect. We must remind ourselves that negative moments are temporary, but the way that we show up for ourselves and our success is a forever thing.

You see, the “key” is one that we all possess and that we should all make use of. Yet, neglecting our ability, our talent, and of course, our dreams can make it impossible to ever be successful.

So, just remember, step into your confidence and cultivate a positive mindset.

It’s a game changer.

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