How to Become an INFLUENCER in Your Industry

In this video, I’m talking all about how to become an influencer to progress as an entrepreneur in your chosen niche. If you’ve chosen a niche and want to position yourself as a thought leader, what can you do to actually position yourself as an influencer?

There are so many different ways to become an influencer but here are my tips and tricks to grow your brand through influence AND become a thought leader in your niche!

Choose and Act with Authority

To make a positive impact on your target audience you need influence and to have influence you need authority. How can you expect anyone to follow you if you’re not being a leader?

If you don’t choose to be an authority and aren’t thinking of ways in which you can do that, you won’t have the impact that you desire. Take the initiative to DECIDE to be authoritative, deliver valuable content, contribute to the conversations and put yourself out there.

Social Compliance

You need to give your current followers the best quality service and experience possible!

If people see how amazing you’re treating your tribe and all the amazing things you’re helping them with, they’re going to want to join in and follow you.

Put your attention on what you have instead of what you don’t have.

Manage Your Brand

What do people think about you?

What are people saying about you?

Do they even think anything about you at all?

You have the ability to build a personal brand online – your brand is what people think about you not what you think about yourself.

So are you showing up online consistently so that people have an idea of who you are and what you’re about? If not, that need to change.

Actually Influence!

Influencing people can be seen as a negative thing however, it’s actually very positive! You’re getting people to take action on what you’re telling them because you have their trust.

Think about implementing positive, direct response marketing to get people to take action.

Are you actually pushing people in the right direction to get the best out of their own lives? Or are you just talking?

Be Apart of the Conversation

You can’t just sit behind your computer and agree with what everyone else is saying. Instead you need to have your own opinions, you need to be polarising and be apart of the conversation.

It’s great to share what you learn along the way but by having your own opinions and by being confident in what you’re saying, you’re able to give people a dose of the cold hard truth in a positive and enlightening way.

You Must Walk the Talk

You can’t go out there and talk all about meditation if you’ve never implemented the benefits of meditation in your life. You have to be out there living and breathing what you’re trying to influence people on.

If you’re not showing people what you’re telling them, then why should they believe what you’re saying? You have to walk the talk.


Those are just a few things to help you become an influencer in your industry, if you want to join the conversation be sure to join the Game Changer community on Facebook or on Instagram – @erinmayhenry

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