How To Listen To Your Heart and Start The Right Business

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has spent the late night hours googling “good business ideas” or “what business should I start?”. Maybe you’re even coming across this article after a google search or two.

I know where you’re at and whilst you may not have the idea nailed down, you know that you want to blaze your own trail and run your own business – which by the way, you’re more than capable of doing.

In the search of the perfect idea it’s no surprise that you’ve turned to the internet. However, let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to find the perfect business idea here in cyberspace.

From my experience, it’s the kind of thing that comes from YOU. From your interests, your frustrations, your experiences, your passions and ultimately from taking action.

Let’s ditch the web searches for now and see what comes up when you listen to your heart instead!

Start Journalling

I am a huge fan of journaling and the things I’ve written in my journal has had a huge influence over my business. I’m not talking about the “Dear Diary…” kind of journaling, no journaling can be a whole load more valuable than simply recounting your day.

It’s an amazing tool that can help you connect to your heart and clarify your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Here are some journaling prompts that are designed to get you inspired and thinking of different business ideas:

  • I am always looking for an opening to talk about…

  • I feel compelled to help people who…

  • If I had no limits I’d start a business that…

  • I would love to make a difference by…

  • I would feel fulfilled if I made people feel…

Start Dreaming

When you close your eyes and imagine your future business what business do you picture? Does one in particular stands out to you?

All too often we ignore the things we envision – the things that we picture as we drift off to sleep or stand in the shower. It’s easy to brush these off as just dreams or simply let our limiting beliefs get in our way. But these dreams can actually be hints from our subconscious of what path we should take.

Maybe you see yourself up on a stage sharing your ideas with hundreds. Maybe you are making jewellry from your home studio. Or maybe you’re coaching women from a remote location.

Whatever it is, don’t let your limiting beliefs get in the way of realising your dreams.

Let go of the ‘How?’ and focus on the ‘Why?’

Assuming that your business ideas are actually things that people would pay money for and not something like socks for cats or reusable toilet paper. You are wasting your time worrying about how you’re going to make it work.

There is a group of people who would be thrilled to buy from you. It doesn’t matter how saturated you think the industry is – there is a way you can stand out, and you have all the resources and tools within you to make it work – trust me!

… And if you are really passionate about selling socks for cats – don’t let me stop you!

In the early stages of coming up with the right business idea your energy is better focused on ‘why’ – Why that business?

Because when you have a compelling reason for starting a particular business you are all the more likely to put in the hard work needed to take it from an idea to a success.

So if you are choosing between two business ideas I suggest that you get really clear on the ‘why’ for each of them. I’m sure that one is going to become way more inspiring than the other – Choose that business.

Give Yourself Permission

I know that some of you will already have an incredible business idea that you are super passionate about. It probably kept popping up while you were journaling and is the star of your day dreams. Problem is, something is stopping you from taking action.

“I haven’t got any experience”, “Everyone says I’m good at this other thing”, “People will see through me”

Do any of these sound familiar?

When I started my first business I listened to my inner voice saying the exact same things and instead of doing the thing that, deep down I wanted to do, I stuck to something that I felt “qualified” to do.

I told myself I’d wait until I had more experience until I called myself a coach.

The thing is I never felt as though I had enough experience, and no one gave me the stamp of approval I wanted. It took 3 years and a failed business for me to wake up and give myself permission to do what I actually wanted to do

So if there’s a business you really want to start – give yourself permission to start your journey!

Take Action!

I recently read Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley. In the book he used an analogy that explained the power of taking action in a way that I’ll never forget.

Whenever you are going anywhere that you’ve never been you will probably enter the address into your phones GPS system. As you begin to move you will start to receive directions “turn left”, “turn right”, “you’ve made a wrong turn go back”. But if you were to stay still would you receive the direction you needed to get to your destination? No.

If you are craving direction, you are not going to find it in a google search, you are going to find it by taking action. And like the GPS in your phone, it doesn’t matter how many wrong turns you take, your intuition will continue to direct you. So, if you are still unsure what you business idea is right for you, just start taking action. Choose the idea that is most exciting and trust that your intuition will direct you towards the business of your dreams.

The Author

Lillian is a mindset and branding coach. She founded Lillian and Company out of a desire to help fellow wild-hearted creatives and dream-chasers a brand and life that makes their soul sing!

Lillian is currently in the process of completing her certifications in NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Time Techniques and success coaching which she is already using to help women step into the best version of themselves and show up in their business with new found energy.

Instagram: @lillian_and_company


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