How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Feeling like an imposter or a fraud is something that plagues many successful people. In this video, I want to share with you my own experience with imposter syndrome and give you some advice on how to overcome it.

Impostor syndrome is also known as the impostor phenomenon. It’s a psychological pattern in which you start to doubt your accomplishments or abilities and you start to fear “being exposed”.

Fear is what tells us we’re outside our comfort zone and challenges us, so while we can try to overcome impostor syndrome it’s more important to try and work alongside it and here’s how.

Remind Yourself How Amazing You Are

You have probably achieved a lot of amazing things in your life, some that you don’t even acknowledge. I suggest you make a list of all the amazing achievement in your life, no matter how small or large you perceive them to be.

Things like moving to a new country, having a child, starting a business or finishing high school. Start to think about everything you’ve achieved and start to look at whether these things occurred due to chance? Or was there some effort to achieve these things and so your success?

Play Fact or Foe

Whenever you start to doubt yourself and think things like “I’m not good enough” or “people are going to catch me out”, write those doubts down and ask yourself whether they are fact or foe? Most of the time these doubts are foe aka NOT TRUE.

Call For Backup

Whenever these feelings of being an impostor start to rear their ugly head, call for back up; literally. You don’t have to try and work this out by yourself, call a friend, a coach or a mentor and talk things out with someone who gets in.

Most of the time you’ll get your fears out in the open and realise that they are not valid.

Entrepreneurship should not be done alone, you need the support of people around you. Talk through your fears and limitations with others so that you can work through having impostor syndrome together.

Create an Impostor Syndrome Mission Plan

Set the vision that you have for yourself and then identify all the potential minefields you may face. These will be times in your business where you think you might run into fears or doubt.

For example, if you need to use Facebook lives as a strategy in your business, you can identify that you may experience imposter syndrome when trying to go live.

So you need to plan for having this fear at this time and work through those blocks, ahead of time. You can do this by being prepared and believing in yourself. Knowing that you are a kick-ass entrepreneur who is confident and capable – this will allow you to push through the fear that appears at certain times in your business.


If you are experiencing impostor syndrome, don’t do it alone. You can reach out and connect with the GCC community on Facebook or on Instagram – @erinmayhenry

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