Launching a Brand at Age 22 with Jessica Williamson

Entrepreneur Jessica Williamson is the brains behind cult Aussie swimwear label Ete and Australia’s first influencer travel agency Somewear Elsewhere.

At 25 years of age, this Perth-based local continues to prove she’s one-to-watch, with her smart business acumen putting her brand in competition with long-established companies. Jessica’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed, being recently named a finalist in the WA Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2017 in the Young Business Women’s category, a Westpac Business of Tomorrow 2018 winner and a WA finalist in the Telstra Business Awards 2018.

In today’s game changer chat we talk about how Jessica found the drive to launch a business at the young age of 22, fears in business and how she manages to juggle the three amazing business that she owns. 

When it comes to business, Jessica takes the approach that if you think about things too much then you give yourself the chance to think about all the things that could go wrong.

She prefers to just take action!

When Jessica came up with her first business venture in the fashion industry, she came up with the designs, sourced manufactures, created her website and grew her social media all within seven months of launching. “I’m quite impatient so once I say I’m going to do something, it will get done and as fast as possible”.

Done is Better Than Perfect

I didn’t let perfectionism or procrastination get in the way. My advice to people who struggle to take action on their goals and dreams is to realise that there will always be a million reasons you won’t do something but find the one thing that motivates you to start. 

Ask yourself what is more important? Living the life of your dreams or remaining stuck in a corporate 9-5 that you don’t enjoy? For me it was never a question, I knew that I wanted to build something bigger than what I was doing in my corporate job and I just went for it. 

Managing Three Business and When to Ask For Help

I have a couple of virtual assistant’s who assist with responding to people on Instagram and customer service enquiries to free up time for me. So I can focus on working on the business and not in the business. 

I’ve also outsourced my warehousing so that all the stock isn’t sitting in my parent’s house. When it comes to asking for help, my advice is to do as much as you can but once it becomes overwhelming seek help with the things that don’t excite you. 

Fear of Judgment when Starting a Business

When I first started my business I struggled with putting myself out there and I hid behind the brand. I didn’t want to be judged by the people I knew.

However, now I realised how important it is to tell me story and share my journey. I’ve found the confidence in myself to show who is behind the brand and to really connect with my audience. I’ve realised how building my tribe and connecting with them is so important.

Building a Vibe for My Community

The whole purpose behind my brands was to reach a certain audience. I knew quite early on and was clear on who my audience was and what I wanted the brand to look like.

I have been solid is my vision and my passions to become memorable and known online. 

My brand is me, my audience is me.

– Jessica Williamson


Since starting my business I’ve made so many new friends through networking with people all over the world. Being brave enough to go out on my own and meet new people has put me out of my comfort zone but through that, I have met so many amazing people on the same journey.

Networking Tips

Reach out to people on LinkedIn and social media, engage in conversation to build a relationships. Whilst travelling I wasn’t afraid to catch and meet people for coffee.

Never be afraid to ask questions and chase what you’re after.

Where to start when Building a Business

Just get started and you’ll figure things out along the way.

Register your business name, make an Instagram account and start building your audience. Build your tribe around your brand image and brand personality. I worked with a lot of influencers to grow my audience and I was able to do that because I had a strong brand image. It really helped me grow on social.

I would suggest that if you’re looking to work with people make sure your imagery is amazing because you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Always remember what your brand is trying to say. 

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