How To Find Your Voice Among Others’ Opinions

Our minds are miraculous. Having the right mindset is the simplest step in getting where you want to be, however it can be the absolute hardest thing to manage. 

Nowadays social media fills our heads with unrealistic expectations of what we should be doing and where we should be going in our lives. With so many distractions, it’s hard to understand what YOU actually want in your personal life, job, etc.

Lucky for you, today I’m sharing some ways I stopped letting others’ opinions dictate the decisions I made in my life and in my business.

Be Clear About YOUR Goals

Rachel Hollis gives such a powerful testament in her Made For More documentary, (now on Amazon Prime Video!).

She states that ‘no one will care about your dreams as much as you’. Not your husband, your mum, or your best friend in the entire world; no one. That means, if you want to see something done in the world or for something to happen in your life, YOU have to go after it, NOT anyone else.

We all have the power within us to go after our dreams whether they are for ourselves and for the world. Unfortunately, our society instils fear in us and gives us false beliefs that there needs to be an outside catalyst to spark inside of us.

You are the catalyst, you are the spark, it’s always been there, you just have to realise that you have what it takes.

Blinders Up and Enjoy The Journey

There are so many avenues that can influence our emotions. The important part is holding onto the vision and mission you have for yourself and then completely blocking out everything else.  That means both the good and the bad influences.

In my business, it’s easy to get wound up in the sea of others’ promotions at the end of the month, especially when you hadn’t hit your own goals. I got the best advice from a leader in our business, stop watching the promotions and become the promotion.

Stop Watching the promotions and become the promotion. Stop looking at other success in their lives to the point of despair. Acknowledge it, congratulate them but never feel regret or jealousy, just realign your intentions and go after what you want. No sulking allowed here!

Surround Yourself With People Who Have What You Want

You are the five people you spend most of your time with.

When I first heard this, I immediately thought, ok it’s time for a friend cleanse, no more hanging around people who are not millionaires (which meant every person I knew), I’m kidding of course. 

You do not need to completely drop your friends and family even though you may feel like you need to. Just reevaluate your time. For me, I looked at how I was spending my time. This meant less low energy conversations about gossip and more listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

The five new people that I spend the most time with are all people who have no idea who I was! They are all the amazing women, business leaders, life changes that are sharing their tips and tricks through books and podcasts. Also, your vibe attracts your tribe which leads me to my next point!

Do What You Love and the Universe Will Love You

Know that whatever you have is LIFE CHANGING and EVERYONE needs to know about it!

Your dreams and goals should pump you up and make you want to dance around a room naked, with excitement! This excitement will create a glow.

On social media everyone is obsessed with physical “glow ups”, but I am obsessed with the energy glow up. It is an amazing feeling seeing someone completely shift all their love and energy into something they are hella passionate about, to the point it changes them.

You can see the energy shift and you become your highest self. When you are at a higher frequency of energy you not only attract everyone around you to listen but you also attract those who are at the same vibrations.

Practice Gratitude

Every day, whether it’s good or bad, find a few things you are grateful for. When we give thanks we will be rewarded. Appreciate the good and the good will appreciate you. You will find that when you are thankful you have more positivity and less negativity in your life. 

As I’m writing this article, I have had a recent influx of “concerning” comments from family members and friends based on a recent post I did where I broke the stigma and opened up about my journey in taking care of my mental health and loving myself for ME.

My first reactions to these “concerns” were of anger and sadness, but why are they concerned? Is there something wrong that I am now more comfortable in my own skin? Why are they texting my mum and calling my grandma making sure I’m “ok”?

I had to take a step back before I let myself get to upset. I asked myself, are they living the life I want to live? I quickly realised the answer; absolutely not!

So why do I care SO much?

Our minds can play tricks on us and sometimes we get pulled away from our own vision in the mix of others opinions, but the most important part is coming back to that vision. YOUR VISION! Think of it like HIIT workouts, a reason why they are so powerful for heart health is that they train your heart rate to rise and fall more smoothly.

We must remember these thoughts as well. No one is perfectly set in their ways, we are all humans and easily affected by those around us. It isn’t just a switch, it’s a skill that must be practised every day and fine-tuned.

The biggest advice I can give is to always come back to your vision and your why. There is a reason it gets you fired up because no one is going to care and love that vision more than you, so get out there and kick some ass.

By Megan Zubar

The Author

Megan Zubar is an American Political Science Student, 5th grade Religious School Teacher and an Arbonne Independent Consultant.

Growing up, Megan always struggled to stay healthy and in 2015 began her journey in healing herself though nutrition. Since then she has cured herself of all of her previous aliments including severe allergies and gastro issues.

Through her own personal health journey, she has found her passion for helping others become their healthiest self. She strongly believes that when you feel good, you are able to live your best life in helping others. She jumped into Arbonne with her mom in January because Arbonne perfectly marries her passion for healthy living inside and out with her boss babe agenda.

Today, Megan continues growing and healing others through sharing Arbonne’s products and business opportunity.

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Instagram: @megzubar

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