Stop Procrastinating with the ‘SET UP’ Technique

This hack is something that I have been doing for a long time as part of my everyday structure and planning, to get shit done.

Breaking down the task into two components

  1. The Set-Up

  2. The Completion

Half the battle, of getting something done is the set-up. If you can achieve the small tasks the day before this will enable the more significant job to seem like less of an effort, so by creating a method to reduce the hesitation, you might have to commence the task at hand finally.

The hack is doing the set up well in advance.

One way or another, there is a way to complete the set-up for every task.

But you need to figure out how and when you are going to do it.

For example

We have all been there; the task of cooking dinner can be draining from time to time. Try this next time; get home from work, laying out all the ingredients for dinner and getting to work on your side hustle for an hour or so or writing that to-do list for the evening’s work. Then when you go back to the kitchen! The kitchen fairies are magically laid out all the ingredients for you to cook up a storm.

Or say you have a busy day planned for the next day. You want to hit an early gym session before you seize the day. Laying out your daily outfit and gym clothes and packing your bags and even meal prepping the night before.

And hey presto half the job is done!

By setting yourself up, you’re eliminating the chance of moving on to the second task procrastinating and getting sidetracked. You won’t be looking at the clock and feeling like the day has escaped you or there is not enough time to complete the tasks to the quality you had initially set out to achieve. Or if the mission is something that you’re not passionate about, you are more likely to get to it, because half the job is already done.

I have been doing this for a while now!

This hack has allowed me to compact’ extra activities and tasks into my day. It has assisted me by reducing my chance to procrastinate (yes I’m human) and allowing me to move from one job to another without, hesitation or resistance.

Give it a try!

Plan your day tomorrow. Think about what you can do right now to make your life more comfortable. As they say, it only takes 21 days of form a habit!

Who knows, within a month you might have completed an entire week of your most hated tasks, without even a second thought.


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